Thursday, March 22, 2007

I miss my Kitty-grrl

Many thanks to the lovely Rita for pointing out that something might be wrong with Flashlight - sure enough, the little lady has something going on. I'm hoping that it's just a urinary tract thing but no word from our vets yet. She spent last night at their office. She's so small and has refused to drink while there so they're struggling to get a urine sample for testing. Her bladder is the smallest that they've seen for an almost- 7 year old cat (who knew?!?)and that makes a difference when trying to collect a sample. She always was our 'itty bitty micro kitty' so the small bladder thing is just part of that parcel. I just want her home, safe and healthy, clawing at my hands when I try to pet her, attacking the dog as he tries to eat his kibble - you know, normal stuff.
Pray for my little grrl, won't you?


Zia said...

Hi Bumbershootska

It's a good thing you took her to the vet. We recently lost our 'Savannah' to various things she had wrong with her and she did a lot of that squatting everywhere.
I know how you must be feeling - and I know it feels horrible.
Thinking of you and your kitty.. and hope she's going to be ok.


Bumbershootska said...

Oh I am so sorry... that's hard. You must miss her...

I am finally bonding with her so losing her would be the worst. She's on antibiotics but there's little improvement - our fingers are crossed
thanks for the kindness:)