Saturday, March 24, 2007

Flashlight update

My little Flashie is home but we still don't know what's wrong with her. They tried to collect a urine sample but when they finally got her and her tiny bladder out of the cage, she peed on the table. Because they had waited so long for this sample, they had to collect it off of their table (with all of its contaminants) so even though there were white cells in it, they still have no clue what is going on. She came home looking tired and thin. I doubt if she slept very much at the vet's - she's a pillow diva so a metal crate would have been insulting. You don't go to Motel 6 when you're used to the Waldorf Astoria, eh?

I'm monitoring her and giving her a lot of cuddles and kisses. Mein Liebchen, my little girl, the daughter I never wanted - she bears all of these titles (and more) with grace and scratches. Ya gotta like that in a girl.

On a brighter note, I wrapped up my community justice facilitation course this afternoon and begin my apprenticeship soon. It's such a worthwhile volunteer opportunity, I can't wait to start attending forums and helping people through the process. I've met some really incredible people in this course and I feel really good about what I've learned.

I'm still making purses and bags galore and man is it fun! I whipped up a couple of these quilted bags, following the tutorial found here

Bag back

Interior wristlet with credit and cash slots

I've hidden my cards by adding the slots/holders, then adding a flap that matches the lining for over the top. To the unknowing eye, it just looks like a pencil case when you open it.
I initially made the wristlet because I hate carrying a large bag - this one fits the phone,cards & cash and iPod that I tote around, without a lot of extra space. Plus I can slip it on my wrist and always know where my purse is when shopping. Once I started playing with quilting, making the over-bag was just a natural progression. I made a matching binder cover to cover up my beat up letter portfolio. I just love this fortune cat fabric; it cost a fortune (yeah, I said that) but I figured that it was a rare find. Better to splurge on something really special than to regret not having had it, right? Sewing is taking over from knitting these days and despite the snow squall going on outside right now, Spring has truly arrived. I'll do a little LK knitting to keep my stockpile growing. I have a couple of hats for loved & dear ones that will be knit soon, too (that's a hint, Ms. Tiny Head D.- measure that skull of yours, please - I gotta get your hat done LOL)

Keep your fingers crossed for Flashlight; she's such a good friend to all of us (especially me...I never saw that coming... when did she work her way into my heart? I'm glad that she did)


Anonymous said...

make sure she's not eating any of that recalled Menu Foods stuff. that was causing kidney problems in cats and dogs!

Sara said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for Flashlight! Hope all goes well.

I see you are a Fred head! Been to any shows lately?

Bumbershootska said...

Thanks guys - we're trying to stay on top of her health issues and we were certain that she hadn't eaten any of that crap...uh, I mean food. Now that they've extended the warning to dry food too we are a little worried.
Sara - my dogs love your cookies and it's reassuring to know that some manufacturers still take pride in their work (and that their food won't kill our loved ones, eh?)