Wednesday, December 12, 2007

so, this is.... funny?

Get this - for the past year, I've been getting emails addressed to someone with a similar name to mine (it seems she must have transposed some letters in the address that she gives to people). It was one thing to get her Chapters emails and stuff but last week, her nephew emailed me, to wish his aunt a 'happy holidays'-type greeting. I did like I always do and replied that this was not her email and perhaps he should contact her to get the real one. A few quick back and forths and somehow this innocent bit of helpfulness has turned into this nephew wanting to meet me...and this is the funny part (and I quote) "maybe we are supposed to meet and solve all the worlds problems". I mean, WTF?!? I can't find my way out of my own backyard, dude! Gandhi I ain't. Whatever happened to good old fashioned cynicism and surliness, eh?

Had a interesting client meeting yesterday, watching a lovely storm build up throughout the afternoon and trying to stay focused. I decided that it wouldn't be worth the drive back home in traffic and instead, had some chai with Super-P, the Son of Wonder. I saw him bobbing down the street, his blond Brian Jones haircut standing out in a sea of toques and frowns. I felt my soul light up when I saw his smile.

I know all of us moms say this but he's is a remarkable man... even if I did give birth to him. How I got so lucky to have a kid (or 2) whom I actually enjoy talking to, I'll never know. His tour is looking good for spring 2008 so I can see a few road trips for Pa and me- Halifax, Boston and maybe Baltimore, if I can swing it - up ahead. A chapter in Punk Ottawa history will be ending soon with the closure of the much-loved Argyle House, scene of many an FC show and mucho debauchery. Seamus, Pat C and the ever-elusive Kyle Kyle Super Goth made appearances throughout our conversation and I was reminded of when these tall men were little punks, ditching their bikes in my flower bed so that they could hit their first shows at the Legion. Yup, back then Adam and Brock were playing ska and old school punk, not the mellow folk stuff flying off of their strings these days. Where does the time go, eh? As for myself, I'm old as dirt and half as smart

Much love!

Monday, December 10, 2007 - yeah, you!

Hey, who's that dude in the red suit?

Holy Mother of Pearl - how long has it been?!? probably too long for some , not long enough for others.

I felt compelled to retreat for a while (esp. after a very odd person accused me of using my blog to try to communicate with them....yup, you just might consider lining your hat in tinfoil (not so) young person LOL I'm a little bit more direct than that - I would have tried my paper cup and string telephone first. Some people's children, I tell ya! Trouvez une vie. Nah, working for yourself is a tough gig, especially time wise. I've been putting in some long weeks but the payoff is amazing. It just doesn't leave a lot of free time for blogging.

My blog has been a nice little journal where I get to share a few things, here and there. Like how my cat never shuts up and seems to know when I'm on a conference call, on speaker-freakin' phone, no less. What a marroon! Or how K the elder dressed up in a red suit and beard and surprised 35 parishioners at our friend's church. Don't believe me? Check it outHere he is at Nancy's lovely little bit of winter wonderland - gotta love those square log houses!
For all you local yokels, yes that is Wayne singing away. Check out the little one in pink, staring up at Santa - isn't she priceless.
There were 3 new babies in church that day and K got to hold all of them, as they came up for their gifts. Our friend turned to me and said, I hope K knows that he's got a lifetime contract for this gig!". I figured that he would, judging by the laughter in the pews every time 'Santa' asked one of the kids what they wanted from him. He even got some of the adults up there. What a card. Of course he knows how to talk to kids - he sat at the children's table for family dinners until he was 28!

I got the chance to wish a dear friend "happy trails" as she headed off to her next adventure - and I got to hang out with some of dearest, old friends from Serv. Can. I tell ya, nobody parties the way these guys do. I had a blast, got a lot of love and got to give a lot of love back to some very special folks.

Then there was Halloween and my mighty, mighty spider's web

It was so scary that a unicorn/princess/mother didn't want to walk under it so her mother had to put the trick or treat bag near us for treats.

Nash wasn't too put out by all of this - life is good when you're a dog in the country