Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Big Shout Out

to all my Ottawa-area/ Lanark County homies!

I keep finding these great events all over North America where artisans and artists get together and create, sell & swap their stuff and frankly, I'm jealous. I want some of that craftiness for moi-meme. Don't you?

Are you in the Ottawa area? Want to get together, in person or virtually to create, share, learn (ok, maybe drink and laugh, too)? Tired of hearing about the cool things that other cities are putting together for crafterly purposes? Want to craft for good and not evil? If you answered 'why, yes!' to any of these questions ,we need to get together.
Give me a shout and let's discuss ways to create, together.
Some ideas that I've been mulling about -

  • guerrilla craft fair with local artists and artisans, selling their uber-cool wares
  • crafting in public days (kinda like a KIP but broader in scope)
  • teaching each other cool skills
  • materials swaps and give-aways

Who can particpate? You! (everyone welcome - totally barrier-free)

Make sense?

bumbershooterathotmaildotcom - 'k?

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