Monday, July 30, 2007

so much to do...

Which in itself is not a bad thing but I just wish that there was more time in a week. I've got to continue working on an online course that I'm (trying) to build and call up some clients for follow-up but then there's the house. There will be day. Just not today. I keep meaning to bring the camera up when I take things up there but then, I forget. Being a simpleton, I also forget that my mobile phone has a camera, too - yup, just that 'clever' LOL.

Much applause to Sara, who correctly guessed the locale of our new abode *clap, clap, clap*. Sara, what's your favorite color?

For those of you beyond the boundaries of our little county, we're moving to its namesake village of Lanark! Much quieter than rowdy old Mississippi Mills and we're looking forward to quiet evenings spent on our wrap-around porch, butts planted in a pair of wicker chairs and knitting needles in hand (well, for me, at least). Add a glass of wine (or 8) and we'll be back to our standard. I've got to move a ton of plants (AGAIN!) but it's all good - I do love to plan a garden. Just can't wait to move all of my wild roses :)

I want some of your bright ideas for window treatments and wall colors. A friend of mine who's an interior designer is coming up later this week to give me some advice,too. I'm thinking about doing a lot of roman blinds, like I did for this house. They're energy efficient and cover windows well without hiding old woodwork. This time, I think I'll use lighter-weight fabrics in prints (not solids, like in this house). The big question(s?) are the 2 sets of French doors in our family room - drapes? Long blinds? What to, what to do???

The big move should be in 2 weeks so we've got lots of time to pack, plan and think out everything. The best part is my new office is huge! I'm assuming the former parlour, right at the front of the house so that clients don't have to walk through the entire house to get 'there'. It's a sunny room, facing onto the front porch with lots of natural light. The whole house, apart from the dining room is light-filled and it has great energy.

I'd better keep packing ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Has it really been over a month since I posted last? Holy Moley Cow - how did that happen???? Oh, wait a minute...I remember

My stomach is getting better and I've only had 2 bouts of severe pain in the past 2 weeks. That beats the twice a day episodes. Lots of minor (healing) pain but that, I can live with. I think that if you remove some of your stressors, life just has to get better. The best part is that has.

Business is rolling along and it's great to finally get going, full tilt. I almost forgot how much I loved my class-time and how rewarding it is to get people to think. I've been very productive in my curriculum development so there are lots and lots of products to get 'out there'.

I received a gorgeous apron from my swap-mate, Kathy and love it. How did she know how much I love Geisha images?!? Just perfect and get this!!!! It matches my new kitchen, perfectly. What's that? You haven't heard about my new kitchen?

We've found a new (and smaller) house in the country - remember that restored Victorian with the wrap-around porch that's perfect for wicker chairs and for small people to ride tricycles on, that I've wanted since we moved to Ontario? I've got it! Not that I have any small people who ride tricycles *yet* but ya never know. Our official move date is in 2 weeks but we get the keys on Monday or Tuesday, depending on when we can drive out to the house. I've already got the yard landscaped in my mind - once a master gardener-in-training, always a master gardener-in-training.

So where is this house? Isn't it more fun if you guess? Sure it is!
Read carefully and if you can guess correctly, drop me a comment - there will be prizes

1)Here's a visual clue
2)It's located on a river with a historic Scottish name
Isn't it pretty?

3)It is also named after another Historic Scottish place

4)No "Hillbilly Highway" jokes, please! (oh, just grow up, won't ya?!?)

5)It's long distance to call our current home

6)To quote Brock, it's where "the sheep are scared"

7)It's home to an amazing festival every July (one that brought Fred to town a few years ago - *sigh*)

8)It's home to the world famous (ok, maybe just 'locally famous'), Munchin' Junction and its yummy yummy poutine

C'mon, get your guesses in and see if you can name my new "home town". I'll reward you with a little something nice :)