Monday, August 13, 2007

Another day, another carload

I originally wrote this post in the middle of August - for some unknown reason, Blogger decided to hide it on me - CWAP!!!!!

En tout cas - here she be!

It's been a challenge to keep healthy, do a little business and get the car loaded on a daily basis - got so much to move, darnit! I'll take another load up this morning and try to get my office set up a little bit.

Our weekend yard sale was an amazing success - considering we selling things for 25 cents, we made over $175. Not bad, eh? I finally got the courage to sell my North Carolina coffee table - it was sad to say 'good bye' to piece of my history but in the end, the $25 (yeah, I know - for a $300 table...) that we got was well-spent at IKEA yesterday. The great thing is all of my paint and a few new things for the house were all covered by selling crap, uh I mean, "stuff that I had no emotional attachment to and was just taking up my precious space and energy" (K the elder says to add "stuff that I do not need to throw into the moving van" - kudos on that brilliant observation, dude)

Update - August 30th

The new house is almost settled. I have three rooms to finish up but that can be done over the course of a few weeks, a little at a time. My hands are ripped, my limbs are bruised but we're smiling so all is good. My darling Number One Son played a kick-ass show at the Mouton Noir on Saturday night. It was a real treat to see how our years of investment have paid off. Get this!!!! He is really, really good!!! The band was awesome. I'd even go to hear them if he wasn't involved. That's an endorsement, if ever there was one. The management at the club made the boys change their name for the event - I won't burden you with the band's real name. Suffice it to say that I pretend that I can't remember what it is when older relatives ask about it LOL. They released a great 45 and CD, too. "Cat Pants" might not become a big hit but "one" is a good listen. Watching P on stage, in his element reminded me of his favorite game of "Def Leppard" when he was 2 or 3. Dress up, grab the fireplace tools stand for a mic and his little Ukulele and awaaaaaay we go. Def Leppard he became and entertained us for hours and hours. We loved it and after last Saturday, we still do. My baby...all grown up. When did that happen????