Friday, January 05, 2007

The path to Hell is truly paved with...

New Year's Resolutions
Normally, I try to make my resolutions for the new year when it's actually my new year, in July. This year, I'll wade in with a few resolutions for 2007 and see how far along I get

1) Shed some Stuff (forever after known as "SSS" - books, clothes, yarn, fabric, shoes, furniture - whatever I can get out of my life and (hopefully) into someone else's life, for the better. What I mean is that I will donate whatever I can to good causes (my local thrift store which helps so many people reestablish their lives, friends in need - whoever I can, really). I will use my crating supplies to make things to help others, give them joy (or a laugh), keep them warm - whatever I can. But - I will also trash whatever I need to, without guilt

2) I will use up as much of my yarn stash as humanly possible (see point #1). Thanks to a fellow Craftster- alum, I am able to do this with ease.

3) I will read through my 'to read' pile and not just pile up books in comfortable corners throughout the house. Yes, actually read them...eventually

4) In a past post, I claimed that I would not buy any new yarn until June...I now realize how foolish that claim is. I'm only human. I can't hold off forever. If I come across a good deal, if I need to make a gift, or if a yarn calls out to me - I give myself permission to buy, but only a little bit. No massive yarn purchases. No skeins and skeins of goofy pleasure-filly silly yarn that I adore but cannot fathom using; just good ole yarn

5) I will begin the journey to find the farmhouse that I dream of... I may not buy it right away but if I don't start looking, it'll never come to me. I want a kitchen garden, dog run, grape vines (I can always transplant the type I have now), some wilderness and with luck, water.

6) To re-establish my career/ business... this is the sticky wicket

Is it telling that this is last?

Thanks to Ooak_Diva's guidance, I have already started my January contribution to our crafts blitz. I got a lovely coral- red- orange (think Campbell's tomato soup red) Red Heart Comfort, bought on sale many moons ago. As it has been sitting in yarn storage for so long, I thought that it deserved to be knit into my first project for this challenge. Hugs for Homeless Animals is accepting 'snuggles' or small afghans for animals in shelters. What's really cool is that you can find a shelter close to you; I chose LAWS because they let me adopt my Jack there. This little afghan should provide a little warmth to a dog or cat, waiting to be adopted, loved and cared for.

Ooak_Diva has also very generously allowed me to add the Mitten Project to her monthly CALs. How cool is that?

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