Monday, January 08, 2007

I knit.... a lot

I am pretty proud of myself (wait- when you hear why, you may not be so proud. In the short bus that is my life, this felt like a major achievement but it wasn't much at all)

I made not one but two Amelia Earhart hats! One that is too big for my peanut head and another that in is, in the words of Goldilocks, 'just right!'.

Here's proof

it goes pretty well with the Cleopatra neckwarmer that I made from the worst-to-work-with Red Heart that I have ever encountered - scratchy, knotty and uneven... apart from the cool colorway, it just plain sucked!
and here is the one that I challenged myself to conquer on New Year's Day
in bright red

I am finally able to post one pf the gifts that I crafted for a dear friend - Later Gator Mitts
here ya go!
Gator Mitts in action

and in repose

When she unwrapped them, the first thing that she made them do was to bite! Just like I expected, she is a closet biter who can now walk to work, biting whomever strikes her fancy. Bite away, little Grrl, bite away.
I was extremely fortunate in return. I got this!!!!

a double-sided polar fleece blanket which has been named "Froggggeee Babeeee" (you old school Sesame Street kids will get this reference, fer sure)It (the blankie, not the quote) has become my new best friend/ love of my life all wrapped into one. I feel very blessed

I also knit this cool hat, using this wonderful graph - the creator of which used it for illusion knitting. I'm not that smart... I just made it in messy intarsia

yes, it is stuffed with plastic shopping bags - thanks for noticing
I love a blurry photo...

This is only a small fraction of what I managed to crank off my needles in the past little while; there's more to come


soknitpicky said...

I love the gator mitts! Where did you find the pattern?

Bumbershootska said...

they're from Stitch & Bitch (or S&B Nation - I can nver remember). I bought the books when I was stranded in Saskatoon for a snowy week 2 years ago and turn to them for inspiration a lot. I kinda love these mitts, too so thanks for the kind words :)

Sara said...

do you take any custom order requests for these great mitts?