Friday, December 22, 2006

Empty the house...fill it up again

Normally, my house is filled with guitars and amplifiers
see... these are a few of my companions

In order to make room for the crap, uh I mean the tree, I asked K the elder to haul his ass off of the couch and take some of the guitars and amps upstairs. Oops, I mean that I politely and respectfully asked his assistance in carefully placing them in a quiet corner of my study, upstairs where no one will injure themselves or the equipment. Through the use of his male-female translating device, he heard, "take them upstairs and toss them willy-nilly all over the bedroom. Put as many on my side of the bed so that access to my much-loved place of sleep is totally blocked. Then turn off the light without warning me that they're there. I really want to put my foot through my new Fender". 12 guitars, 3 ukeles, 4 amps and one lone banjo are too much for one woman. Just ask my bruised calves

I'll distract myself with photos of my new wellie-boots (thank you L.L. Bean's clearance section!!!)

Aren't they the happiest boots ever? They're already nicely soiled with garden muck, just like all boots dream of being. Man, $10 can buy happiness - who knew?
I'm going to need them, as the freezing rain is dropping from the sky like millions and millions of little accidents waiting to happen...

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