Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Knit happens, and happens, and happens

Here's the finished Brea purse - it's a good size for tucking my knitting into for a trip over to the Ironworks tonight.It's the 2nd Wednesday so it's Knit Happens again... don't know what to bring - my Pasadena cardi or if I should start another pair of mittens... oooh, such planet-altering decisions, huh?!? If only they were all so simple. At least I'll have a nice bag to carry my stuff there.

I've got to get more mittens done and a pile of editing done and some articles to complete and the dogs to walk and the yard to clean up and the laundry is still sitting there and the shelves need dusting and the hall ceiling needs painting and the basement needs to cleaned out and I'm pretty sure that the dust bunnies are making babies under the stairs and the mice have been stealing my brown rice again and I need to put the rice in a mouse-proof container because the cats are obviously too well-fed to do their job and get rid of the mice and the wool is lonely and it's calling me to come & play...what to do...what to do...

Every morning, I give myself an hour to read through my favorite Blogs and assorted other sites, to laugh (or cry) at stories, to ‘oooh’ at photos and to bookmark projects to make. I only started doing this after the start of my recent illness, when all I could do some days is read, sleep and well, feel bad. It was a pastime that gave me light during dark moments, reminded me about the pleasure of planning, of sharing and of enjoying the creative energy that surrounds some people like an aura.
I’d like to share some of my favorites with you, so that you may enjoy them as well.

Katurah is an amazing writer, sharing her stories about raising her children in Zambia. I love the energy that she relates here and the gentleness with which she describes her beloved children

This woman is so cool that someone sent her stitch markers with the words “arse” and “bite me” on them!!!

Over a year ago, I was stuck in the wilds of Vancouver and lonely, without crafts. Then, one of my students slipped me sheet of scrap paper with a whole whack of URLs on it. Craftster was the first and probably the bestest link of all. I am stunned to see what people allover the world are creating and sharing. What fun!!!

A new friend sent me this link and although it’s not a blog, I thought that I’d share it any ways. ef is a really interesting piece about gentle leadership – too many ‘leaders’ are using out-dated and less-than-useful practices to manage their teams; this article advocates a different approach

Here’s another fun article forwarded me by some over-bright superstar -,1284,66209,00.html – have to say that it made me laugh!

Send me your favorite un-craft sites - I need some good ideas for my first ever (but not my last) Guerilla Craft Day and the Homestead - come along and craft with us:)

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