Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nuttin' but mittens!

It was so nice to put Shedir to bed that I forgot to share my latest mittens; these ones are for me and mine, not for the Lanark Knits project but they're still warm, colorful and fun, if I do say so myself.
Heeeeeeeeeeere's Kermit

And the reason that I will never make mittens in Bernat Satin ever, ever again

They're frikkin' heavy (but pretty). Hey, it's Canada in November - it's grey, dark and colorless - we need all the color we can get!!!
And finally, here is part of Val's b'day gift - soft, pink cabled mitts in Red Heart Simply Soft which beautifully lives up to its name... gorgeous. It's also somewhat shiny so (with my limited photography skills) that it's hard to take a good photo

I dropped them off at the store yesterday- Val wasn't at work but her boss was so cute. He looked at me, then at the package and said "ooh for the birthday girl", with a smile. When I picked up the gift certificates that I tucked into her card, the girls at Lush were so sweet. The wanted to see the mitts that I had made and when I told them that they were a gift from my heart to my DIL, they cooed. It made me feel so nice. I hope that she likes them and that her shopping trip is productive :) Love Ya, Kiddo!
I'll put the pattern for her mitts on here this week, so keep posted

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