Wednesday, November 15, 2006

find a penny; pick it up - all day long...

you'll have good luck? What about if you find $2.12 in the grocery store parking lot? I guess I get 212 days of good luck? That would rock... I sure feel like I need all of the luck I can scrape up, including off of the grubby parking lot. It's burning a hole in my pocket, right now

I finally got started on Shedir and made it to row 22 (queue the scary music) duh duh duh then I found 2 mistakes (in my business, we call them opportunities but I call them 'aw crap') down on row 11 or 12. A frogging we will go. Never knit and drink (or is it 'always knit and drink'?). I'm off to the V&S store to pick up a short 3.5mm circ. needle. I've found that, with so many stitches on my short dbl. pointed needles, eventually some stitches fall off when I'm struggling to get my tight little cable stitches done. Because my hands are so mangled, cabling is probably the last thing that I should attempt but I can't help it. I LOVE CABLES! I've decided to use Red Heart So Soft (yes, dirt cheap but like its name implies, incredibly soft to the touch) in a nice Caribbean turquoise (possibly my favorite color, if you had a gun pointed at my temple and I had to choose just one...). To soothe my Berrocco obsession, I've also started planning my Pasadena cardi and maybe, just maybe a top-down cardi, like this one

The Brea bag knit up incredibly fast (more cables)- it's cute. As soon as I steam it into shape, I'll take some photos. It was hard to knit 2 strands together (again, the hands) but well worth it. Despite the odd shape to this bag, I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a good, fast cabling project. I estimate that it took an afternoon and part of an evening to knit the 2 sides and part of a morning to knit the gusset/ handle & crochet it all together. I opted to knit one continuous piece for the gusset and handle instead of hunting for a handle. One option that I had considered was to head to the thrift store and find an old purse to cut up for its handle. Maybe for the next one I make.

Then, there's the s/l turtleneck from Lion Brand... to knit in Galaxy and Symphony, ice blue! And I have some Olive Decor to think about... and some new Classic Wool to felt (maybe into this, sans fleurs)

So much wool in my house... I'm knitting as fast as I can, folks.

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