Tuesday, November 14, 2006

photo Hell

I wanted to post some of my old photos on my blog and went to the photo kiosk to scan and make a CD of all of these erm... shots (yes, siblings in full 70s regalia and shag haircuts - be afraid, be very afraid). After a fruitless hour with 'help' from the sales associates (who, I might add, have no training in their own machine), I now have copies of all of my photos but no digital files to share.... one day, my pretties, one day.
Despite this debacle, I finally posted to Craftster. No more lurking for this country bumpkin-ella. And I still love knitting!

Our municipal election(s - if you include Ottawa) were less than fulfilling but we'll see if anything changes for the better. I highly doubt it. To quote Pete T., 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'.

I have a few writing projects on the go, including compiling lists of resources for various communities within Ottawa. This is where I could use a little help; if you know of a community (you know, small business, families, non-profits, etc. ) or services (Canada Business Service Center, Volunteer Ottawa, etc) - please share. I want to include a synopsis of the service too. Please feel free to email me with any info that you can share. What about your impressions of the election? Was it what you hoped it would be? Are you scared for the "New Ottawa"? Or are you like 90% of the general population and want to pretend that nothing has happened?

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