Friday, November 10, 2006

No one ever suspects the butterfly

After reading the Panopticon's list, I thought that I would balance the universe with some things that I love. You have GOT to read this blog - I wish this man was my neighbor:)
10) Coffee - yes, despite my physician's warnings, coffee is my morning friend. No coffee, no nice Tara - all gone. It's just that simple.
9) My pets - Flashlight & Pablo Honey, the cats who tolerate me (sometimes); Jack & Nash, the dogs who love me despite my scoldings about their barking about nothing - shut up already! And of course, the fish and snails, none of whom have been named because I hate losing the ones who I name....
8) Peace & quiet -esp. good after a night of wine and music (or even better, knitting) or first thing in the morning with a nice hot cuppa
7) Noise, noise, noise - esp. of the musical or happy friends variety
6) Wool & other fibers - whether from a sheep, a goat or even the wild acrylic jungle, yarn is the panacea for all of life's ills (and many of its un-ills, too). If you need proof, put on a pair of hand-knit mittens on a cold, cold morning and take a walk. See?!? You feel better already.
5) Did I mention coffee? Ok, The Simpsons - after all this time, they still make me giggle out loud, never mind the occasional spewing of unfortunate quotes that few seem to get... That's me, the Simpsons geek. Sad, ain't it?
4) knitting and sometimes sewing - no, definitely knitting - currently on my needles - Magknits Paris Loop - sort of, more of a variation on the theme. Just off of my needles - Kermit green cabled cuff mitts
3) My grumpy, pot-banging partner - see what happens when you disturb my morning peace? You end up being blogged as a grump but I still love you, you pot-banging, 'swearing at the puppy' grump-ass
2) My kids - I now have three children; my 2 biological experiments, Pat & KC and then we inherited Pat's partner, Val. So we have 3 kids and I love them all. How lucky is that?!? When I look at their lives and who they are now, I can't see much to feel guilty about. They're all fine individuals who aren't afraid to dance their own dance and who know how to love. I don't know what went wrong... I sure tried to screw them up. Guess I'll have to try harder on the grand-babies (but not any time soon, please)
1) Most of all I love not being sad all of the time. This year has been the hardest of my life and I am surprised to be still standing. Even tough all of this stuff happened and I felt at many times that my life, my career or whatever was "over", I learned a lot and I hope that I'm a better person for it. If I haven't learned that much, this hard, hard year would have been a waste.

Remember to smile from your heart and to share your love

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