Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finally, a post with my 2 mermaid babies - there was this great string of posts on Craftster a month or so ago and a whole bunch of people were making these lovely mermaids. As a beader, I couldn't just sit and watch the action. Life is not a spectator sport so here are my contributions.

I had some problems with the mirror-faces but my intentions were good. I'm going to make some other ones soon - maybe a butterfly or fish... or something else... Who knows; with my brain, I may make a million of them or nevermake one again

I also got started on my Berrocco Brea bag, using 2 strands of Briggs & Little Regal in a deep, deep plum shade. It knits up really fast but now I've got to run to the Real Wool Shop to get another skein... it really hurt to work this heavy yarn into these beautiful cables but I think that it'll look really cool. I don't think that I'll invest in handles though - maybe just knit up the gusset into a longer handle. Whaddya think - Shoulder bag? Hand bag? I've got to think out how wide I want this one, esp. considering how I botched my pirate bowling bag by making it so wiiiiiiddddde. I should have just followed the SnB pattern, as written.

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