Sunday, January 20, 2008


So, I’m sitting here trying to run off a report…but you know, my mind does wander…. And I ended up singing along to Shangalang by the Bay City Rollers – yeah, just cuz my mind wanders doesn’t mean that it goes any place that you’d be seen dead in.
It all started innocently enough with an episode of Little Britain and a sketch with this couple with a sick child in hospital – David Soul comes in and meets the family, leaves in a huff; David Essex is apparently waiting outside to be next in for a visit. Slip forward a few more sketches and we’re back in the hospital room with Les McKeon sitting there singing the tune. K the elder was amazed that a) I knew the ‘guy’ and the song and b) that I actually remembered something (my memory is still struggling some days but apparently it’s getting better).

OMFG to think that I actually can say that I know about the BCFreakin’R?!? I blame my dear roommate at school, Tina (whose last name I also remember now in some freak rush of “Ohmylordwhatarethesefactsdatesandnamesdoinginmyotherwiseemptyhead?’. She was a huge BCR fan when we were in 6th grade and played her records over and over again. I wasn’t too keen but a good roommate is hard to find. She was also the only girl in school who was taller than I was/am - she had to be at least 6'1" (remember, this was 6th grade. We were what? 11 or 12?)

Unfortunately, I have an excellent musical memory (even after slapping my noggin around in 3 vehicle accidents – yeah, 3…). I can still play Lightfoot tunes from memory and I learned them when I was 6 or 7…Thank God my memory’s coming back but why the BCR ??? Couldn’t it be memories of seeing Joey Ramone squiggle (he didn’t really walk, it was more of squiggle) away from a club one night when I was far too young and impressionable? 1234Ever, my dear friends, 1234Ever.


Taz said...

BCR were just a bit before my time (not much) but I have memories of a lot of the older girls wearing lots of tartan and having really REALLY bad haircuts. LOL

Bumbershootska said...

hee hee hee Now I feel really old LOL
they sucked actually and i was far more interested in what Joe Strummer was up to than discuss the BCR.
Yeah those were awful haircuts, eh!?! Shaggy mullet-style do, if I remember correctly
Is there anyone on Earth who can actually pull off a mullet?

Taz said...

Not that I've noticed no LOL