Monday, January 28, 2008

Nashville says "what's the big deal with all this Blog stuff, any ways????"

Sharing time

I’m going to be delivering a session on building a business blog and was wondering – do you have a favorite (business) blog (or even a non-business one that is so extraordinary that you can’t help but get excited every time that you read it)? It’s time to share it! Send me the link to the blog and a short paragraph about the content, the author(s) and why you think it rocks. I’ll put you name in a draw for something cool (maybe tote bag-related!?!). There will be prizes!

Ta very much!


Taz said...

I'm rather fond of this one


Bumbershootska said...

I laughed so hard when I read this, Nash came around the corner and looked at me with one ear cocked up - "WHAT is your problem NOW!?!" - if only he could speak human, I think that's what he would've said

Taz said...

Dogs rock :D My two are currently sat infront of me watching every single bite I take of my apple both doing 'Look at me I'm such a good boy, you know I deserve that core when you're done.'

Bumbershootska said...

They're our little buddies, eh? I wouldn't change that for the world LOL

Taz said...

Nope me neither :)

Patrizia said...

Oh poo, I was going to say that I vote for yours, but somebody else bet me to it! Oh well... the next best blog would have to be my sisters:
She lives all the way in Italy and I miss her terribly at times, so reading her blog is one way to keep close to her. She hasn't blogged for a while and that's because she's feeling a little down these days. :(

Ciao baby. :)

Bumbershootska said...

hee hee hee Very funny, Girl!
What would we do without the Net, eh? I'm old enough to remember the whole family gathered around the phone for a long distance call to back home, with every precious second counted and every word savored. Now, we can stay in touch without the hassle! What a great world (and you're right, her blog is nice!)

Sara said...

Most of the blogs I follow aren't business related...just fun stuff.
If you're into forums, here's a group to check out:
It's the Canadian Entrepreneurial Women's group. I've learned lots of good things from their posts.
Here's a blog about business communications:
And one last thing for you to check out..a Canadian group:
That's it for my suggestions!

Bumbershootska said...

These are awesome ideas! Now, how do I squeeze another 2 hours out of my day for even more blog reading ??????