Friday, June 08, 2007

My middle name must be 'horseshoe'

Cuz I'm just THAT lucky!

The unabbreviated version of "mofo" seems to be the word de jour with the construction freakazoids today. My office is filled with the dulcet tones of "Mofo-o-rama". It's 'mofo this' and 'mofo that' - 'move that mofo-ing ladder before I crack you on your mofo-ing head, you dumb ass mofo" - you get the drift. Intellectual banter always raises my spirits and to be surrounded with such virility....oooooohh *swoon* How lucky am I! I envy me for getting to live this exciting life ha ha ha
Deluding myself is just one of my many charms!

I have a friend (for argument's sake, I call him "Keith"...oh wait a minute ...better come up with a name that's not actually his...oh crap...WTF, "Keith" it will be - sorry dude)
Keith liked to call me "mofo"; despite my protests, whenever things got silly, out would come this unfortunate expression. Finally, I asked him why he kept calling me this - he said 'cuz yer silly'. Whhhhaaaa?!? Well, I never! Has the sun seeped through your giant bald, "Sam the Eagle from the Muppet Show" head to cook your brain?!? Has an earwig descended into your ear canal and chewed out the common-sense receptors? Would a knee to the groin help with these thought processes?

Think of the color of his face when I finally asked him if he knew what it meant. Nope. Not a clue. No freakin' clue. Dufus was calling me this but had never questioned what it stood for. After I removed my knee from his testicles, ummm, I mean "corrected him", he apologized for years of this unknowing verbal abuse.
Men - can't live with 'em; can't murder them in their sleep....cuz ain't no one worth doin' time for.

Oh for the tranquility of my wild back garden!

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