Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fun & Games

I've been working on some sets of stitch markers - in my free time. A few of my old jewelry customers have asked for some so I figured that I just whip off a few sets. Oh wait a minute - I get the joke now! "Free time" - OMFG that's too funny!

Thank heavens for little drugs, for little drugs get better every day...ok, so not what Maurice Chevalier would sing but...

K the elder is now on 2 Tylenol 3s and a Valium at night- guess what? He slept through the night. Yeah, like he was shot in the bum with an elephant tranquilizer. He has such a high tolerance for any sort of painkiller that our MD underestimated how much he needed. His mis-spent youth is surely to blame but being a delicate little flower who has never soiled my hands in the seedier world, I know nothing about such things. Hrrmph, yeah right - wanna buy a bridge? I hear Brooklyn's got a nice one at a really good price...

Guess what? Nash is still a pain - a cute pain but a pain in the butt, none the less

Nashie has a new game - he takes his broomball ball (what's wrong with those words???), stands in front of me barking from behind that chunk of orange plastic and waits for me to say "wanna play...BALLLLLL??". I then take the ball, roll it down the hall and scream 'cuz that's how we roll!'. It's hilarious. He high tails it off to retrieve the ball but (and this is the funny part), the game is over if I don't call out 'cuz that's how we roll'. Why does that make a difference? Ask him cuz he hasn't told me yet. He's the dude, my own personal Lebowski!

Tag - you're it!

has tagged me with a meme - 7 random facts about moi? Mon Dieu - everything freakin' thing about me is random! Because I'm ever the iconoclast, I am taking it upon myself to make it 5 random facts and tagging 5 people, in return. My middle name is "Random" so I guess I have a head start

The rules - Each person tagged gives 5 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs 5 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 5 others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog ( I am sooo going to forget to do this step). Awaaaaay we go!

1. I hate American soap operas but cannot get enough EastEnders and Coronation Street! Why? Who knows - maybe it's because the Brits use more realism in their soaps. American soaps are all glam & glitz, murders and kidnappings. In the Brit versions, you still get the murders and kidnappings but they take place in back street bars and seedy side street markets, not estates and five star hotels.

2. I long to visit Iceland; of all the places that I've been or could go to, Iceland is the highest priority on my list. Why? I don't know...history, high degree of literacy,glaciers, hot springs, Bjork - who knows?!? K the elder has a cousin who is half Icelandic (named Thor, no less)...except for an accident of birth, I too could have been born in Gimli, MB and ave Viking/ Varangian roots

3. I had a bi-polar childhood, divided between boarding school in Montreal/ civilized life with my Grandparents and my parents' wild, frenetic life - communes, travels, self-discovery (freakin' 70s!). I think that it has made me a very conscientious (and protective) parent who has tried to build a home for my sons, not just a place for them to sleep.

4. Are you still reading after the last comment? What is this - like rubbernecking on the highway, checking out an accident? Ok, I'll play along.I adore black licorice - real licorice, mind you, not that fake rubbery, plastic stuff. AND I get very bitchy when my local supplier runs out and doesn't get stock for weeks on end (Yes, Shopper's Drugmart & The Dutch Store- I am talking about you!)

5. I studied Canadian Studies at McGill Uni, with a minor in History. I specialized in early Russian history (and Canadian history, of course). I fell in love with Russian culture and the resiliency of the Russian people. I also befriended 2 former USSR residents (cheers, Piotr & Zsoltan!) and we drank a lot of beer in our school bar, Gert's (located in the Shatner building - yes, that Shatner!). They taught me Russian songs and legends. I still sing about the Rusalki & Vorodonyi when I am in a very good mood. I call my husband "Kalita" when he goes on one of his spending sprees (guitars, amps and pedals - what else?).I was supposed to study in Tver but life got in the way and I didn't push it aside. I don't regret a lot in my life but I do regret this

Consider yourselves tagged, Ladies

Zia - hee hee hee tagged you back ;)
Sara - I'll bribe you with sock knitting
Taz - Share, girl, share
Louise - Another Down Under-er
Stitch-dom - Ottawa Knitters' Represent!

Hope that this weekend has brought you all peace and relaxation - mine's been hectic but I'll tell you all about it tomorrow (it involves petulant cats - beware)


Stomper Girl said...

I used to be addicted to Eastenders too. No-one was allowed to phone me when it was on. But they stopped showing it here and I was FORCED to go cold turkey. Now that I'm off the drug so to speak I am appalled at how bloody miserable they all were. No-one got to have a nice life or be happy. No-one...

Bumbershootska said...

I KNOW!!! Isn't it dark? In French they say 'little life, petty troubles' but EE says "little backstreet life, huge troubles". Murder, rape, pillage, steal, go to jail... Who knew that there was so much intrigue in the world??? Lanark County is like Wolford except it's rural ;)Apart from that, we've got many of the same type of characters. I miss Mark- he was such a swett character and I'd like to chat over the fence with Pat, laugh at Ian's latest freak-out, worry about who Steve or Phil were plotting against next. Crap, these people are far too real for me LOL

Sara said...

I've never watched the British soaps (well I did watch one or two episodes of Coronation Street) but I love the British crime dramas. My favourite is Spooks (known as MI5 here).
Tagged eh? Well, I might be able to come up with 5 random things...although they won't be nearly as interesting as yours!

Bumbershootska said...

ah Spooks is very well-done, too. One of my 'happy things' is BBC Canada - it's my favorite channel! Little Britain Mersey Beat (mmm Chris Walker.... yeah, I can't explain my taste in guys either)

"interesting"? I see mine as wierd, more than interesting LOL
If I could have a 2nd middle name it would probably be "wierd" ;)

Beebee Mod™ said...

You're too it! I kind of get moody when there is no dark chocolate in the house...

Bumbershootska said...

You're just laughing because I didn't sucker you, um I mean Tag you into the meme LOL
Dark choclate is manna - soothes the soul. The trick is to hide some in secret caches throughout the house. I have a 17 year old omnivore that finds all of mine...

Sara said...

By the way, forgot to mention that I like all your stitch markers. But they seem to be missing in action.
I'm glad you changed it to 5 random facts! Ever so better than 7 when you're trying to think them up.

Bumbershootska said...

ah Thank you :) I don't know what happened to the photo - I'll try to re-insert it
I know - 5 is so much safer than 7 (i was starting to share some stuff that should not be shared LOL). I seem to have lost the filter that stops most people from blurting out the most unfortunate statements hee hee hee