Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bad, bad Bloggista

I've been running so fast, there hasn't been a minute to jot down what's going on. K the elder is in a lot of pain - tried to move something at work and being a stubborn old man, uh I mean being persistent and dedicated, pulled harder when the object wouldn't budge. His back is knotted severely and we now think that he has a stress fracture of his calf. He has lost a lot of muscle density since his illness so there's not a strong muscle network supporting his body. He hasn't slept more than an hour or 2 and has to keep moving to stop the pain from taking over. Even the Valium his MD prescribed to help him sleep isn't doing enough so we're off to the hospital today to find out what we can do. Poor dude - he's not very good at allowing himself to be taken care of so we're butting heads a bit. I'm getting so little done (compared to the massive list that I need to do)and I'm trying to be patient (yeah, like that'll happen!) and pleasant(ditto).

They're starting on our roof next week; I had hoped that they would be doing it while I was working from my home office this week but know, to make God laugh, tell him your plans. I'll have to sedate Jack heavily once they start or he'll tear his crate apart again. Imagine - psychotic dog faced with yelling men pounding and screaming all over my roof! Eeeek - call in the medics! I'll probably need horse tranqs to keep him quiet. 100 lbs of fury and irrationality - yup, that spells hilarity. Surely there's a sitcom waiting to be written from all of this?!?

I've worked a bit on the Etsy site, opening my virtual doors - now, I just have get some decent photos taken. There's little crafting going on but there's tons of 'real business' taking place. A new marketing plan for my 'real' business, a modified business plan to develop and lots and lots of client talks are on the desk right now. All said, it's going to be a productive month (if I can only stay awake to get it done). Being a grown-up sucks

In the middle of our muddle, young K is storming on - he's working hard with his theatre group, raising funds to pay for the musical score licenses that they need to put on Little Shop of Horrors (aren't they amazing! Little Shop!!! What good taste these guys have!!!) and staying late for rehearsals. He's starting to look a little tired. It's nice to see that his fatigue hasn't dampened his sense of mischief though - check out what he added to my shopping list the other day (and yes, my handwriting does bite - I can't really hold a pen well anymore so it always looks like an escaped mental patient writes my lists for me)

Where exactly does one purchase a flux capacitor? Oh well, better check eBay!


Beebee Mod™ said...

He He...what a smarty pants. Back to the Future is one of the greatest movies. SOunds like you've got your plate full!

Sara said...

Hope the visit to the hospital was productive. Constant pain is no fun. Glad I've never experienced it, but my better half has his share and more. Hope K the elder improves. Hang in there.

Bumbershootska said...

Hee hee hee - yeah KC's the dude
I was all for writing to Iran for the uranium but we don't want to be on the 'no fly' list ;)

Thanks, Sara - he's got lots of 'fun' meds running through his veins right now. Too bad they're not taking the pain away. In 26 years of knowing him, I never seen him like this (not even when he ripped off half of his glute in a motorcycle accident). He's such a tough old bird...hope he can get some rest soon.

stitch-dom said...

OMG...that message is too cute! I think I saw flux capacitors on sale at Canadian Tire...or maybe Walmart? Either way, one or the other is bound to have one in stock! Don't those places have everything. Good luck with the roofing, and pet and big K wrangling! Back pain bites!

Bumbershootska said...

isn't he a hoot?!? Yup, that dark scorpio sense of humor is lost on his peers sometimes but it never fails to crack me up. He leaves little messages like that, just like little landmines waiting to blow up and make me laugh.

I was going to check CT in Kanata -they don't have any left in Carleton Place (someone must be building something 'interesting' out there LOL)

Thanks for the good wishes :) Is it summer yet?