Thursday, April 26, 2007

you know it's been a rough week when

I start dreaming about buying the bus
Of course, the MCI was sold... it's the only one that I wanted. I once flipped the bird to some big bald dude driving that bus after he cut me off on my nightly commute. A couple of weeks later, I was so excited to pull into my first Fred show and lol & behold, there was the bus and who was leaning against the door? Why the big bald dude, of course!
After wiping all of that egg off of my face, I went in and enjoyed the best show EVER - they even did "rev it up". Willie smiled that beautiful smile as we sang along. Fred told us jokes (I've heard them all so many times, now - thank God!) The vibe was good; the people were great...
Man, I miss that bus


Sara said...

You'd have to be a true Fred Head to drive around in that bus. Enjoy the show tonight!(I think you're going?)

Bumbershootska said... show for me. I wish I was going but Jack needs me home right now. We just had an electrician in (in a different part of the house than where his kennel is) and he shook and licked his feet (his stress 'thing') the whole time.
Maybe I'll just slip some Fred CDs on, crack open some wine and pretend that I'm there. I'll tell the story about the non-dairy creamer and brain waves, the joke about the moth and go through all of my photos from past concerts. What a life LOL