Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blame it on PMS?

In this case, it stands for Pessimistic Mind Syndrome. It's been a bitch of a (couple of) years and I've learned not to get overly optimistic when a plan's afoot. After a day/week of misery, thinking that I had been denied my grant/ contract, a late evening phone call made me spin on my heels. After the comments made when I handed my application docs in and those made when I interviewed, I was sure that someone would tried to snafu it for me. When you prepare a professional, succinct presentation and then get told that they don't want to see it, you do start to wonder why you bother putting on a suit, driving 45 KM and smiling like a madwoman.
At any rate, apparently they were quite impressed despite outward appearances and want me to continue with my business plan. Being self-employed is a tough gig, on any level but I couldn't do it any other way. I'm opinionated, obstinate and awake - yup, I'm a triple threat LOL

Better get my poop in a group and finish up on a few crafty things around Rancho Bumbershoot.

The short list

  • Finish 3 pairs of chompy, bitey Gator mitts (almost done...almost...)
  • Finish the 3 totes sitting on my work table
  • Get an Etsy store up and running by the end of May
  • Decide which events and markets to set up at
  • Finish all of the painting projects around here (yeah, like the hall ceiling that's been waiting for 3 years to be finished. There was a death in the family when I started it and I dropped my roller when I got the phone call. Haven't been able to tackle it since....Patching all of my cracked plaster would be nice too - that friggin' jackhammer did a real number on my ceilings and the tops of some of my walls. Curse this plaster on lathe, turn of the century crap - give me a little gyprock, won't ya!?!)
  • Rehang all of my artwork now that that infernal jackhammer has left the work site

In the middle of the maelstrom, I did finish a couple of totes. I cut out the panels for this faux-tik a week or two ago but only got around to sewing them on Thursday. Because the fabric is pretty thick (like a light denim/twill), I didn't interface it. It still feels durable and everything's triple stitched. I may add some stiffener in the bottom, maybe some fun foam or plastic canvas/ buckram

Like Bubbi, I tend to gravitate towards polka dots and the yellow really looks happy, lining this shopper-tote
I tried to get some of the nicer, more complete images on either side; the back has a pretty elephant baby

I'll try to slap up a few other things that I've been busying myself with lately, when there's a moment

Here's to a great (peace-filled) weekend. I hope that yours is warm and wonderful, too


Taz said...

Wow that's some to do list. I will think positive thoughts for you that not only do you have a peaceful weekend but that all the things you aim for are within your grasp.
Loving that tote bag, my mum loves elephants.

Bumbershootska said...

Thanks:) Hope that your's was nice (and sunny)
I love elephants too - I have a friend from Tanzania who taught me a lot about them. They're more civilized than humans (like that was hard LOL)

divarita said...

I like the "honu" on the front. I did tell you what I learned about sea turtles in Maui? You can ask them to take your troubles on their backs and take them out to sea to wash away. Like dragonflies, they're among my favourite beasties.

Bumbershootska said...

oooh like the weeping Buddha! I love it. I knew that I liked turtles for a reason!
Now, where do we find sea turtles around here?