Monday, April 16, 2007

Snow, Rain and a new Gazebo....

Yeah, that makes sense... This morning, we woke to heavy, wet snow tumbling from the sky. This was followed by a day of rain, snow and sleet - so deep, wet and cold that even the dogs (who swim in the frozen river if given a chance) outright refused to stay outside in their run. Last night, I woke up from a dream that our ancient cloth gazebo collapsed in snow so it was kind of odd when K the elder screeched, "it's going doooooown. The gazebo's going down!' and dashed outside. The old girl split her connectors and the tent came down, never to rise again. It's all right, though. We had already decided to replace it with a nicer one this summer. This one was for my market booth after I had got a really bad sunburn working one Saturday. I suppose that 6 years of life is as much as you can expect out of a cheap garden tent, eh?

We were going to replace our ancient, peeling Adirondack table with a spanking new patio set but Frugal Freida that I am, I could not condone buying a whole new set when we just replaced our patio chairs a year ago... Yeah, I'm just that cheap. So, after our construction success with the fence, I figured that we were up to building a patio table, too. That leaves the cash that I counted on for the patio set which can be for our new gazebo. Don't you love it when a plan comes together????

On a really bright note, I received a surprise set of stitch markers from Robyn, of the SME! Yay - they're so cute (I'll try and snap a shot of them ASAP - but you know me and my out of focus close up shots.... I suck). I mailed off the set for my partner. She's in Montreal so they should arrive shortly. I love a good swap!


stitch-dom said...

Agreed - the weather is killing me too. If I don't get some sunshine soon I'm going to go postal. Fortunately I had not yet put up my balcony gazebo. I don't know why I'm surprised every year when April goes bad.

Just found your blog and looking forward to reading through it!

Bumbershootska said...

To paraphrase a younger sibling, it's the suckiest weather that ever sucked.
I hear you about April - argh!
Welcome to my little corner :)