Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pablo turned to me and asked, "so why no posts lately? Whatcha been up to, lady?"

Fighting Sympatico - that's what! After weeks of superdy-duper (thanks, Barney), mundo- craptacular ISP (lack of) service, my route/modem combo went off to the great routing grounds in the sky. Days (no exaggeration here D-A-Y-S!!!) of pleading, cajoling and finally yelling at service reps later, they agreed to send us a new model. Yeah... right... They sent out A model, just not the right one for our network (even though K the elder told them what we were using and what we needed to continue using this Internet thingy). Sent it back, and waited... and waited...and waited. Finally, K the elder stomped over to the modem, punched it really hard, um, I mean switched it off and reset it back to its factory settings. It's only bumped me off three times in the past hour which is a (good) record. Last week, I managed to get 30 minutes here and there of use but almost gave up and pretended that the Internet didn't exist. Assignments went unposted, emails unanswered. I promise, pinky swear promise for that matter that I will attend to all of this stuff, this week.

In the mean time, I managed to get some work done. If January's focus was on lessening the strain of an unruly yarn stash, February's was surely all about the fabric. I did toss a few new pieces into the pile but I also managed to use about 16 metres of fabric, plus the metres and metres of drapery-to-be-born that Pat & Val will be getting later this month. I'm sure that I'll be moving out even more fabric once the Etsy-mobile gets going.

So what have I been doing instead of posting? Making lots of new bags ready for their owners

postcards have been sent to much missed people (you know who you are),
plans have been drawn,
news has been digested,
a few tears shed (mucho gracias, MC for patient ears and kind words)
AND (one of the most wonderful inventions EVER)

Possibly the best licorice known to humankind HAS BEEN DEVOURED...but could someone explain 'soft eating licorice' - does that mean that you can do other things with other brands of licorice?

Most importantly of all, a symposium attended. Yup, symposium -great word. The local (and not so local) arts community came together for a really interesting day to learn 'how to make a creative living' in one of the most beautiful locales on earth. It was a bit of drain to drive up so high into the Highlands in white-out conditions but typical for this area, the sun came out once we had all arrived and by closing time, the roads were clear and the vistas were snow-covered and heartbreakingly beautiful. We've been considering moving further away from the urban encroachment almost since we rode into this little burg but I was surprised when K the elder asked about my drive, last evening. I related how grateful I was for good tires and 4 wheel drive; he added 'I'd still really like to live up there'. I countered with 'yeah but what about the commute?'. Smart little cookie that he is, he replied 'well, you drove further for years - maybe it's my time to drive a little?'. So, he wasn't just paying me lip service during all of those conversations.... hmmm

For those of you who've been in my life a while, here's someone you might remember

Yup, it's my 'foster daughter', Beau. Our little girl is all grown up now and placed with someone who needs her very much. For some reason, she's been in my thoughts lately. People still ask me how she is doing and who 'got' her. She is one of the smartest 'persons' I have ever known and from what I understand, her new "human" is a special man, as well. I'm so glad that she'll be a working dog, enjoying her purpose and helping him to live a good life. Even with her pacemaker, she's strong, smart and as ready to please as ever. I could tell you so many stories of how she trained, comforted and amused me.
Beau,in her various incarnations, has been a muddy little scamp,

FredHead concert-goer (she likes trains, too), activist (ask Beau how you stand up to a bully who orders you to leave a concert because 'no dogs are allowed' - you smile and return to your seat to enjoy the show - yup, Beau is just that much smarter than I am -and she knows the law!) and all-around good friend - if only I could have convinced her to get off of the sunroom couch!


Knitting Mama said...

LOVE the dog on the couch - what a great shot! She looks sooo comfy!

Bumbershootska said...

I KNOW!!! She is such a little scallywag; we'd turn our backs and up she'd jump up onto the couch and look too cute to scold. I hope she makes her new 'human' as happy as she makes all of us