Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How long has it been?

Well over a week since we've had regular, reliable Internet access.... hard to believe. We take our DSL for granted in this household and a lot of our lives are attended to via this tool - shopping, bills, contact... so much so that we go through painful withdrawal symptoms when it's gone. Not only that but we also lose anything that we're working on or trying to do. S.U.C.K.S spells Sympatico. At least they've sent us a new router/modem. K the elder did his usual eBay rounds and scored us a cheap router. Once he finds an equally cheap modem, we'll have a back up in case this happens again.
K's also set up our network a little differently so I may, just may, be able to access files remotely - FINALLY!
One delight this week so far has been that I was treated - nay, spoiled - by Melissa, my swap partner from One Hour Craft. Not only did I get this incredible tote, it was lined in a little bit of Australia.

This flower is called 'Wattle' and it's Australia's flower; it's even on their coat of arms. We get a spray of maple leave, they get blossoms - says a lot about our relative climates, doesn't it?
Being a super swapper, she added some things that made me even more than incredibly happy, somewhere in the neighbourhood of ecstatic- like a gold brick!
Actually, it was better than that! it was a box of the most lovely chocolates! I ate something called "Lilly Pilly Gelly" - I have no clue what it is but if it's a tree, build me a treehouse, I'm moving in! Absolutely to die for!
She added a handmade lip balm made on a local farm - and in my favorite aroma, lavender!

See the seed packet? Don't report me to the CFIA but I'm planning on planting these suckers this summer - I'll be making my own wattle candy with any luck - yum!
See, I wasn't exaggerating - spoiled indeed! The bag is already filled with my work for tomorrow so I'll be proudly sporting this great bag all around - thanks Melissa!

I'm adding new fabric swatches to my Flickr account so let me know if you see something you like - bags are so much fun

It's minus 35 Celsius out there (according to my trusty lawn thermometer) so today will be spent indoors, cutting, sewing, writing and drinking warm, brown liquids - hope your day is as satisfying


Zia said...

hi bumbershootska!

We've had a couple of hot (brutal) days here in Perth....yuk! We have a wattle tree in front of our house. It's about 10 years old and I heard somewhere that they don't survive very long. Do you know if that's true? :)

Bumbershootska said...

Hi there Kiddo!
I've looked everywhere but couldn't find that out - does anyone know the answer?
I did figure out how to germinate the seeds, though. These will definately be part of this summer's garden.