Saturday, February 17, 2007

Zombie Letters from
Everybody, meet my zombie legion - zombie legion, everybody - now go sit down somewhere - no gnawing on your neighbours...gawrsh!!!

Today's shopping wasn't as productive as I has hoped but I did score the ever elusive silver grommets for my new drapes. Can you say "hallelujah"? Sure, you can.
What happened to those giant dollar store bags of buttons? There are none to be found ANYWHERE... not even one filled with ugly buttons. *Sigh* Do you have my buttons?

Last night (and keep in mind this is third hand news - I didn't witness it), K the elder accidentally stepped on Pablo's tail - Pablo squawked and in a zip, Flashlight raced downstairs and started beating on Jack. WTF!!!! Poor dog gets blamed for everything, I tell ya. She did this once before, when I was away in Vancouver for an extended project. It's like she's ready for war when she's in this mood - bully cat on the loose. Take no crap, yeah that's my girl. Probably why I kinda like her but I just wish that she'd pick another target for her rage. Jack runs and hides when it happens. He has no clue that he outweighs her by about 90 lbs. Poor old man

I'll leave you with a happier moment in his life - enjoying his visit with Santa

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