Saturday, February 17, 2007

Man, I've been busy....

Too busy to post but I've thought about doing it... I swear!
With so much sewing still going on, the Kenmore and the serger are now residing in my dining room instead of my work room, much to K the elder's chagrin. After completing my bag for the swap, I started making bags and more bags... and even more bags. This is the first tote that I made - jerry-rigged a pattern together and started sewing like a madwoman. I've made a couple to send off to New York and Key West to the SILs and am planning a pink/ cat one for Val and a Nintendo- controller style one for Pat. He'll need one to tote stuff from gig to gig these days - he's got bookings coming out of the yin-yang (but I'm not bragging *rubs fingernails on shirt front* because he's so talented *ahem* ;) )

When will it stop? Maybe after I run out of material and interfacing...and thread. The quilt shop up the road has been calling to me as I go by and their new line of Japanese fabrics is really torture to walk past. You know my love of things Asian. I'm even going to Ikea ON A SATURDAY to pick up a roll of drawing paper to sketch out new patterns on; the thin tissue that I used for my original pattern has finally collapsed into several pieces that I've been piecing together every time I make another bag. ON A SATURDAY - if that doesn't say "addiction", I don't know what does...

I have to transport K the younger to his game today so that leaves me vulnerable to shopping madness. You'll be happy to know that I've made a list...when you ride the short bus to school (as I do), lists get lost...then I have to wing it. You never know what I'll find. I'm thinking that I'll hit Vsquared and maybe Sally Ann. I went to Goodwill last week and scored some lovely African what to do with them? Maybe as linings for totes?

I love mixing fabrics and this pink (yes, pink!) tote makes me smile

It looks like the daisy band is crooked but I think it's the way I set up the photo - being a very neurotic person, I took it down and measured after I noticed that it didn't look straight. I added a few things like a built-in key holder

and hid an interior pocket by camouflaging it

Never mind the loose threads - I did tie them off. With 2 sturdy fabrics, this is a perfect bag for library-trekking and trips to Baker Bob's

I've been thinking of new ways to do 'business' lately and was wondering if anyone out there, visitor or lurker who wants to swap - something that I make for a little graphics help? Instead of spending cash (which is very much a finite resource in this household), we could swap creativity. I need a banner/ logo for my business web site -something fun and a bit bold to advertise my consulting group,that's high enough resolution that it could be used for business cards and other printed materials. What do you think? Drop me a line if you're interested

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Knitting Mama said...

Would you be interested in a swap? I'd love to own one of your homemade tote bags - they're simply gorgeous!

Let me know! I'm in Montreal - so it wouldn't be going far for postage! :)

I'm also hosting a stitch marker swap - if you're interested check it out -