Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A-Sewing we shall go...

With all of the sewing taking place in the Bumbershoot Haus, it's hard to believe that I remember how to knit. I managed to get the turquoise cabled version of my toe-up socks off of the needles in time for Super International Pyjama Day. Speaking of this holiest of days, R & M came and spent the day; we wore PJs, ate, laughed, ate, knit, ate... you get the drift. It was a total delight to spend the day with two of my most favorite people in the Universe and the fact that they brought snacks - sheer joy!

In preparation for the tote bag swap, I've been practicing my sewing; it's been months since I approached my sewing machines so I was surprised that they still remembered me. I've made 6 totes in the past week and still have several more planned. I did manage to make my swap bag and I hope that my swap partner likes it.

What I learned from all of this sewing

Although I plan (A LOT!), I am an impulsive crafter who jumps to make something and forgets the great ideas that she has collected for the project
I love the transformation process - whether knitting, sewing or anything, I love the idea of taking one thing and making another out of it
A thimble (esp. one from the Gaudi museum - thanks Rita!) helps save your fingertips. Because I have so much nerve damage in my hands, I can't always feel the needle pierce my skin until it's too late
I love the idea of a surprise gift...but hate the wondering if the recipient will like it (typical middle child, huh? Always trying to please)
I made my first iron-on labels and fought the printer ALL BY MYSELF. K the elder was in the city, attending a seminar so I couldn't fall back to calling him to trouble shoot. Not only did I manage to make a mirror image of my labels (so that I could iron them on and have them be readable), I also remembered to switch the settings back. Yeah, I know - remember, I am still riding the short bus to school so this is monumental

Rita's Bag in Green wool and lined with

possibly my most favorite fabric in the world
I made 2 other bags in this design
This is MC's - in Shocking Pink Boucle
and lined with denim daisies

Then, there's mine...lime green and red - cabbages, lady birds (or - laylee bugs, as K the younger used to call them)and polka dots - yay!

and lined in lime green checks. I've found that this style of bag is good for knitting -it's wide but not too deep and skeins fit into it easily. I also made 2 Jordy-style bags and a little CD tote (plus a few other surprises that I can't share until their recipients get them. Patience, my lovelies, patience)

I had a pleasant morning, dropping off mittens and enjoying the drive out to the 'country'. There were lots of bunny and deer tracks in the fresh snow. I also saw coyote or small dog tracks, running down through the ditches along the farmers' fields that follow the river. My love affair with County Lanark has been a slow burn but now, I couldn't imagine another or better home county. I am dismayed by all of the new houses going in where there once were corn and soy bean fields and I worry about the growth of this special region. I don't want to stop growth but the prospect of a small city instead of a small town is disturbing.

It's hard to believe that it's been a month since I posted about our community potluck but here we are... and it's time for another. I've made a giant batch of brownies for sharing. I wasn't sure that K the younger liked this whole socializing idea until he called me an hour ago to tell me that he was volunteering at school later than usual, when was our potluck? Hello, are you my surly, wii-loving son? The one who doesn't even come down to say 'hi' to Val (or anyone else, for that matter)? I kinda like this reinvention of disposition


Zia said...

All the totes are simply gorgeous!
The recipients will be very lucky indeed. :)

Zia said...

You have been tagged! Go to my blog to see what you need to do. :)


Bumbershootska said...

Yay! Thanks, Z!

Rita said...

As one of the lucky participants and recipients of said bags, I wish to say that you also are one of our most favorite peeps! I so enjoyed the day, and I continue to love my bag and mitts!

Magaggie and the Frankie say hi...

Bumbershootska said...

Yay!!! Wear/use them in great health. Give the Magaggie a gi-normous squeeze for me