Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's play tag

With the eyes of a child watching the action on a playground, not quite getting the rules of engagement, I've been watching all of this tagging/'meme'ing going on. It was a real surprise to find myself tagged by fellow knitter, Zia

At this early hour, I had to laugh - 6 weird things about me - only 6!?! Hey, this shouldn't be a stretch seeing as I'm weirder than most.

6. I can't 'watch' TV so as I listen, I knit or work on a craft project. If I can't do that, I write or plan other projects. I don't feel productive if I don't make something (or plan on how to make something while watching TV). We didn't watch TV at home when we were kids, except for special occasions and for very special shows (Star Trek & Bugs Bunny *sigh*)and were expected to be productive with our time. This must be a residual habit, from that time. We just got digital cable and I find myself having to break away from this habit long enough to figure out what channel I'm watching and when the next episode of the Simpsons comes on
Here's a little proof of this habit - my turquoise socks on a pair of my vintage sock stretchers, a farm auction score (6 pairs for $1 Cdn!!!)

5. I could eat breakfast foods for every meal... and have some days

4. When I was little, I dreamed that I would wake up with a mermaid's tail (I've shared this before but it is a little weird, isn't it). Can you imagine swimming with a real fish tail!?! It would be divine! I have total Koi envy when I visit a fish pond - if I can't live a life as a human, I wouldn't mind being a sleek, colorful pond koi. I live vicariously through my koi-friends who live in the aquarium in my dining room

3. I am working my way out of my bird anxiety by visiting the 'bird' room at the Superpet petstore. I should add that my grandfather kept birds. The Macaw (Henry) used to try to hurt us children ...because HE WAS A JERK and my brother has a scar on his forehead from being pecked by the evil, crotchety old man. Zeyde also had a Finch room/ aviary but he was the only one that the birds wouldn't attack upon entering. Considering the constant bird threat of my childhood, mastering this uncomfortabilty is a big step forwards... I am really starting to enjoy conversing with the birds and sometimes, the staff let me hold some of the smaller birds (and I don't shake or feel like crying any more!)I am even considering adopting a conure, the clowns of the birding world.

2. Speaking of fear, I have developed an anxiety disorder (geez that makes it sound as if I cultivated it, doesn't it) and have had days when I was overwhelmed by strange waves of fear that came out of nowhere. It was worse when I worked for the Übles Reich; then I had a car accident and it got much worse but I feel less and less frightened. It still rears its head from time to time. Seeing that half the people I was working with expressed the same fears and waves of anxiety, maybe this is more common than not?

1. I have very 'wet' ears and need to wipe out the ear canal with a Q-tip at least once a day. No ear wax, just damp. I had some serious bouts of swimmers ear as a child because our summers were spent in water and maybe this has contributed to this condition. I cannot stand a damp ear canal and will even wake up some nights, just to toddle to bathroom to wipe them out. Who can sleep with wet ears???? K the elder added this one when I told him what I was writing and I had to agree - I complain about wet ears all the time and carry a small container with swabs, just in case. No, I do not clean my ears in public but I have to know that I can... just in case.

On a really happy note, the Winterlude snow sculpture contest is on and one person has designed hands knitting!!!! I will try to score some photos for sharing. Maybe I can drag myself over to Jacques Cartier Park this weekend... It's certainly cold enough that the sculptures won't melt. Other years, I stumbled through Confederation Park (a little inebriated, yes, it's true - that's why I was stumbling, folks)and enjoyed some of the works of art there. I've never made it over to JC Park, though so this would be a nice way to spend a cold winter morning. It takes a lot of courage to make a snow and ice creation that is so beautiful and to do so knowing how impermanent it is. If I can drag K the elder into the cold, we could actually do something together. It's funny that this person who skied for a living doesn't like the cold. I grew up on skis and can't stand the heat. Even with my arthritis, I love winter and would spend every day in the snow, if I could live with the aftermath of pain and immobility. I've caved in and am taking some drugs to keep some mobility (yes, I know... I swore that I wouldn't but I had the choice - to walk or not... admit it, you'd take them too if that was your choice)

I'd better get off to wake the boy for his first day of co-op - he's pretty excited about this practical work experience and is already discussing possible summer employment! Mommy's little Capitalist ;)

Be warned, folks - some of you shall be tagged for weirdness-sharing, too. Put on your drinking, um, thinking caps and start listing now!


Zia said...

The weirdness is all around..

Hehe ;)

I remember the night my hubby and I went to see Blair Witch and he kept jumping and squeezing my hand from fright - what a girl!!!

Bumbershootska said...

I saw it with a group of friends; one of which thought that it was a documentary and kept asking, 'how do you think they got the footage but never found the researchers?' - try not smacking someone who says stuff like that !?! LOL

Zia said...

Oh man!! I had the sort of the same thing happen.. a girlfriend of mine went to see it and asked if it was real and couldn't figure out how they found the footage, but not the 3 people!!! Too funny. ;)

Bumbershootska said...

some peoples' kids, huh!?!