Thursday, February 01, 2007

oh where, oh where have I been?

Well, it sure wasn't in London, to see the Queen
Actually, it's been a craptacular pain week and even typing was beyond annoying. My right arm has been joined in its screaming with its sister, Lefty LeRoux. Keep screaming, arms of mine... I'll be sleeping in the arms of Prince Valium at this rate. You'll excuse me if I didn't consider posting a priority... I was busy devising ways to rip my arms off.

With so many people around here reproducing at an alarming speed, they should be thankful when the gift they open isn't one of these cruel, uh I mean, unusual animal hats. Aren't you glad that I stick to the traditional baby gifts of booties, dolls and booze? Oh yeah, and chocolate

What's on the needles these days?
My toe-up traveling cable socks (my own convoluted pattern) in a Caribbean turquoise
Max, the wild doll (maybe with a crochet crown?)
Refined raglan
The next big thing will surely be this incredible jumper/ sweater in a rich purple

Even this knitting is proving to be too much... my doctor told me to cut back but I thought he meant to 3 0r 4 FOs a week, not just doing some sporadic knitting. If this is the way it's gonna be, I'm glad that I've remembered that I know how to sew. I've been on a sewing tear lately and have whipped off 4 totes in the past few days. I realized that for every skein of yarn that I had, I had 2 metres of fabric. What's with the hoarding? Was I concerned that there was going to be a wool and cloth drought and my supplies would dry up? That I could barter yarn and cloth for a small sheep farm? That WWIII would start and I would need to buy our freedom with craft supplies?

I had a Great-Uncle who hid money all over his house ($65k in shoeboxes and paper sacks, tucked into strange corners, closets and drawers - yeah, I know...) and had a small, packed suitcase in the front closet (we found this after his death); his sister claimed that he was convinced that in the event of another war, this time he'd be prepared. I guess last time, all he had were the clothes on his back when 'they' came for him and his siblings. Maybe I picked up this need to hoard away 'just in case'?

At any rate, I've decided to "use it or lose it" so a- crafting I shall go. Consider yourselves forewarned

I've been meaning to post some photos of Mississippi Mills for quite some time; it really is a picturesque town, surrounded by an inky-black river and historic mills and buildings. We were once considered the Manchester of Canada because of the mills and woolen production of this fertile town
This is the biggest railroad trestle (there's a sign warning people not to dive off of this monster - yeah, people are really bright - 'hey, there's a tall structure with rocks and rapids below - let's jump off of it!'). If you look closely enough, you'll see our town pigeons bathing in the cold, black water

This is a shot just above the biggest waterfalls. At this time of year, the water is very high. Sometimes, in the summer, you can actually see the layers of limestone shelves and caves that erosion has made. There are many signs warning people not to wade into the river because of the sudden changes in water level. Still, every now & then, someone risks it...

And this is below that set of falls with the trestle above it - the building beside the trestle is the Ironworks, an old mill that is now a restaurant where the knitting group meets. Nice folks, good food and drink and yarn- doesn't get much finer than that. I hear that they have great music too - you should really check them out when you come to visit

This is old Town Hall (the new one is a modern construction, no where near this beautiful)

They're doing some repair work on the basement, where the police station was until water damage ousted them up to the new town hall
and finally, our China Town... well, hmm, actually it's a Chinese restaurant but it's the closest thing to a Chinatown that we have

Where ever I travel, I seek out Chinatown in the particular city I visit. Vancouver, for example, held many delightful hours of travel, shopping & adventure. Almonte, on the other hand, offers good egg rolls and maybe some kung pao chicken

I hope that you've enjoyed your vitual visit to my corner of the world. I've grown fond of this little town of 4400.When you come to visit, you'll see why

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