Friday, February 02, 2007

In Prep Mode

As the count down for SIPD begins, I'm list-making and house-tidying (Ok, I admit it - I'm list-making...maybe not the tidying part, though)
Snacks to be readied, dogs to be calmed, places for the cats to hide arranged, movies to be procured, music line-ups assessed, cushions to be plumped - you get the idea

Consider yourself invited if you happen to be wandering my neighbourhood, in your pyjamas. We won't ask any questions. No,really....your coffee will be waiting for you, just the way you like it.

Little does Flashlight know what will befall her on Feb. 4th! I managed to catch her in playful mode when the sunbeams had the better of her, teasing her into flip-flopping on the couch

This was before the kids visited on Wednesday, of course. We didn't see Flashlight for hours once she figured out that Valerie was on the prowl, looking for kittens to molest. Long after I returned from driving them back home, I found her huddled on the basement stoop, shivering and hungry. "Oh, Mummy. It was terrible!"

Why I hate the Internet
If you have a short attention span, you'll understand me when I declare, "I hate the Internet". Ok, maybe it's just that I love it too much
I was all prepared to finish my Refined Raglan but then I made my rounds of the blogs I love to read and found this Tubey. Now what am I supposed to do???? I want to start the Tubey with the yarn that's been sitting patiently in my stash baskets. In the words of the immortal Lucy, "Whaaaaaaaa"

I'll leave you on this chilly, grey day with my new socks, just waiting to be finished

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