Monday, December 18, 2006

Destruction in 8 Short Hours

I realize that I have not shared my recent visit with extreme destruction. Milles Pardons - here is a short photo-essay
The trucks and monster-chewer machine pulled into the driveway. K the elder said, "I think that today is the day". Then, we heard a loud 'crack'!

The monster chewed and chewed - he took out the office first

and then he chewed and chewed some more

I think that he was still hungry because he chewed some more

until there was nothing left

In 8 hours, we went from

to this

It's sort of a shame - Pablito really liked the barn roof

When I was little, mein Zeyda told me about escaping as a young man - the family walked for 6 weeks, praying for safety, food and a warm place to sleep. Just when things looked their worst, the sun came out. Even when we face a challenge that feels like the end of the world, the sun is there

He was right, as usual
I miss you, Zeyda

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