Sunday, November 05, 2006

I have to get started on the kids' drapes - I dropped in on Val at the store on Friday and she really liked the weird floral pattern that I discovered at Vsquared . I liked it too - was going to try to work it into my own living room but my love for my son and his partner won out. I'm trying to find a way to lay out the fabric so that there's maximum impact with this little piece of pattern across those huge windows. I'll post some photos and a drape tutorial once I get off of my duff and actually make them

I got a head start on Val's birthday present (but I can't share that now - wait until the 22nd and I'll post photos and the pattern for the prezzy. All I can say is 'get your needles ready, folks!'). I think that she'll like it/ them.

I've been blog-hopping this afternoon and am thrilled to see the creativity that's out there.
Check out these fun mitts! I'm thinking of making a pair or two for the Lanark Knits project. They're just that cute! If I wasn't such an old chicken, I'd be wearing them around town, getting stares from all the other old chickens. Suppose I could make them and wear them around this drafty old house... hmmmmmm ladybirds!!!

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