Friday, May 11, 2007

Just a typical afternoon (absorbing life lessons all the way)

* work butt off, trying in vain to ignore participant who can't seem to shut up...EVER! - hard work is good for the soul and patience? Well, patience is a virtue
*Drive, drive and drive some more - ah the rural life! Isn't nice to leave the city and drive, drive, drive all the way home!?! Watch out for the deer...the wild tom turkey...the loose bison who escaped from that farm...deep breath, deep breath
*come home later than planned, carrying laptop, tote, day shoes (I wear driving mocs so that I don't spend more on heel repair than shoes), mail, purse, etc. etc - strength training is highly recommended
*stagger through 36" deep sand left by construction crew, slipping, sliding, pulling weakened back muscles - pain makes you grow
* fight off overwhelmed dogs who declare 'the construction workers were playing soccer in our yard AGAIN and didn't invite us, mummy - fix it!' - it's so nice to be greeted by loving faces
*make supper, using only the freshest organic vegetables and high protein, local free range meat on the market (who am I kidding - call DH to tell to order pizza - sausage and pepperoni) - nutrition is important
*change from suit to real clothes in order to relax - changing clothes is a signal to the body to release tension - now I can get some real work done!
*bring laptop outside to finish writing proposal number 18 - ahhh, fresh air is so rejuvenating
*recover patio chairs from all over the yard - it's so nice to share with those (filthy) construction people - I'm sure that they're all lovely individuals. Please help yourself to a drink while you're making yourself comfortable
*Smell heavy manure smell of local farmers' soy bean and corn fields - ok, not so pretty but it's natural. Isn't rural life so ... ah who am I kidding?!? It smells like every cow in the county took a dump in my backyard. My search for zen is starting to clunk along
*lose server connection 12 times - ahhhh technology. Patience is a virtue
*return inside to office to complete proposal - home should be about family, not silly proposals or this 'earning a living' joke
*attend to squealing DH, standing on hall landing and looking frantically out landing window- oh my goodness! Did you break a limb? Lose a toe? Let me sew it back on for you
*follow panicked gaze of DH and check out marmot, 'sleeping' in the dog run - ahh, rural life is wonderful! Look how we can commune with wildlife!
*go outside to encourage "sleeping" marmot to take off - communing with nature is so important in our hectic times but it's really time to get your own yard, dude
*gently poke said marmot with dust broom - we must respect our animal neighbours so gentle is best
*poke marmot harder - respect is important - why isn't he respecting me and leaving?
*realize that your forestry engineer, wild man husband is deathly afraid of a former marmot, a deceased marmot - A D*E*A*D* marmot and start laughing hysterically - laughter feeds the soul
*arouse the suspicion of your neighbours, who come to investigate - neighbours are so important in these impersonal times
*watch their faces as you try to explain why it's all so funny and realize that maybe it's just not that funny - it's important to be sensitive to others
*realize that no work will be done tonight and that you'd better get up at 4h30 to complete the proposal - be flexible like the willow


The Late, Great Marmotska

He's a lumberjack and it's ok...he sleeps all night and pokes marmots by day

Yes, that is my swiffer that he's using. Be proud of dear K - this is the closest he's ever gotten to a marmot. Don't get me started about our resident skunk

What makes it all worthwhile - my salvaged jonquils, shining like the sun. I love you all

Ah poop - now I'm late for my commute


Anonymous said...

OMG This is the marmot story! Oh that is hilarious! Thank you! Just what I needed before starting the day.

Bumbershootska said...

yeah, I'm still trying to figure out what happened... I know that the dogs didn't kill it (big chickens- they probably thought that it was a kitty) - maybe it was hit by a car and managed to crawl through the fence before it expired... poor little dude

Stomper Girl said...

That was hilarious! I'm not even sure what a marmot is (an oversized member of the rat family?) but it made me remember a childhood book I loved called Charlotte the Marmot. I sympathise with your DH, I think I would have been a scaredy-cat at the end of the sstick too.

Tahnks for dropping by my blog, very nice to meet you! I'm sure I'll be back.

Bumbershootska said...

I was told that it is actually called a 'groundhog' here (my neighbor was confused by the term 'marmot', too. It's what it's called in French and German so I thought it was the same in English. My bad LOL). She also told me that you can eat them - I wasn't convinced, though
I understand other people being afraid of things like that but he spent 3 years living in the woods, communing with nature and becoming an engineer. You'd think that he have figured out how to act around wild things, eh?
I liked your blog, too :)