Monday, May 21, 2007

Canines with a Cause

This is so cool - Canines with a Cause was just on CBC local news - Celeste was a diamond! The best part (besides seeing Nash's sister demonstrating her smarts) was to see my dear friend, Miriam sharing her dream. If you haven't heard of this great local organization, check them out. With a small volunteer staff, they raise and train service dogs and donate them to people in need, free of charge. Despite all of the challenges of running an all-volunteer/ donation driven group, they work miracles, especially for the people who get to live a full, complete life thanks to a Canines With A Cause dog.

If you are in the Ottawa area and would like to foster one of their amazing puppies, please have a look at their puppy-raiser page. If you can give a little time, a lot of energy and even more love - you could change someones life forever.

If fostering is out of the question, why not host a fund-raiser and donate the proceeds to Canines With A Cause. If you can afford it, consider sponsoring a puppy. For a nominal cost, you get a heck of a lot of free advertising and the knowledge that you've help to change the world.

A service animal is a link back to a world that most of us take for granted; accessibility is a right and a service dog grants that right to their human, freely and with more love than a human can possibly understand. Wouldn't you like to see this for yourself? It just might change your life

For all of you who claim that this little knitting blog has very little actual knitting content, I give you Flashlight, my 'service cat' who knits for me (and if you believe that, do I have a car to sell you?!?)


stitch-dom said...

I need a knitting kitty - rather than one who destroys the Addis!

BTW - I too closed down Gerts a time or two in Montreal!

Bumbershootska said...

I wish she would knit with me...then I might actually finish something
Destroyed addis would reduce me to tears
Gerts, huh? Cheap beer and rowdy boys - sorta heaven, in a weird weird way
We should round up all the McGilla Guerillas and go on a road trip to Gerts (and freak out all the kids hee hee hee)

Zia said...

Oh kittyyyyy!!! :)

Thanks for the tag. I'm having huge blogger problems at the moment, so I will do it as soon as I sort it out. I don't get it.. I keep getting error problems when I try posting. It used to be with just pics not loading etc... now it's posting without pics too. It's really annoying. Are you having any problems with yours too? :(

Bumbershootska said...

are you on the new Blogger or the old version? The old version blocked me at least once a week - the new one only does it once a month or so. I finally figured out that it wants all of my attention so no multi-tasking or looking at other web pages while it's loading - so much for mutliple processors and DSL;)
Bolgger is a spoiled brat

stitch-dom said...

Sounds like a seriously bad nostalgia trip. BTW...if you want to know how it came to be called the Shatner building I can tell you!

Bumbershootska said...

mmmm a little intrigue, me suspects?!? I figgered it was because he attended McG AND (this is the important part) he really liked to see students getting poop-faced (wow, way to clean up my language, eh?)Why indeed? So..share....

stitch-dom said...

In my last year some of my fine colleagues on the paper (The Tribune if you remember that one) decided AS A JOKE (kinda) to put forward a referendum question during the elections to change the name of the University Centre (as it was known then) to the Shatner Centre (because yes, he was one of the famous graduates).

Despite loads of editorials in both the Daily (con) and the Trib (pro) - the fine (not to mention apathetic) voting crowd actually voted yes in a majority. At the time, William was trying to distance himself from his Trek roots and commented to some reporter that he would have thought that university students had better things to do with their time.

Bumbershootska said...

Ah Ha! That was a year before I arrived (I was still p/t at Dawson and pretending that I liked being a 'journalist'/ slave - but now the story is starting to come back to me. The Daily was still whining when I got there. I thought it was cool (but then again I'm a geek, uh I mean Trekker)