Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Urinary woes

I cannot believe that grown tradespeople need to urinate constantly -apparently they do, and they urinate everywhere. The burning question is 'do they really need to do it in front of me?' (can you tell that right now I'm wishing them a little visit from the cystitis fairy?)

This construction lark is starting to wear thin right now - the 'pee pee team' as I've started calling them seem to delight in peeing, right in front of me. Isn't that what wild animals do to mark their territory ? Or maybe wild animals are more sophisticated than that. I am starting to believe that wild animals have better vocabularies than these creatures, too.

Apart from the public urination, the f-bomb seems to function highly in their communication, too. It's a noun, a verb and an adjective - who knew?!? Wow, at least this experience has built my communication skills. "Keep your f-ing pe%$*er in your f-ing pants and stop f-ing pissing on the f-ing lawn. What the f#$% do you think this is? A public f-ing toilet?". My mother will be so proud.


Taz said...

Maybe they need a reminder that exposing themself like that is an offence. Lewd behaviour at least. Go out with a sharp pair of hedge trimmers next time they feel the need to sprinkle their tinkles and make snip snip motions at groin level while looking at them with a glint of scary lady in your eye ;)

Bumbershootska said...

snip - snnnnnnnnnip yup that just might work
the really funny thing is that the primary offender looks (and sounds) just like Super Mario. Plumber...leaky's starting to make sense ;)

Taz said...

Awww maybe he's got prostrate trouble. Worst thing is they are most definately not washing their hands afterwards are they! Eewww

Bumbershootska said...

by the looks of them, hygene isn't a concern - the germs are probably more scared of them - it is funny to have Super Mario peeing on my lawn, though - I keep waiting to hear the video game music start ;)