Monday, April 23, 2007

Night Beaver, Night Bea-verrrrr

No, not a silly Bee Gees song; just a giant rodent, out for a stroll. I looked out the living room window on Saturday night and saw a slow moving, staggering animal. My partner, the mighty woodsman (with an degree in forestry engineering, no less) laughed me off, telling me it was just a raccoon. Yeah, a raccoon that can barely walk, with a flat leather tail and giant incisors...hmm, me thinks not. Brave lad that he is, off he went to follow it up the street. I could hear him from up the block -'it's a freakin' beaver!'. Yeah, ya think? Our quiet little street is a handy access road for the street racers whose little lives are enhanced by revving up and pulling down my steep hill - sometimes into other vehicles. Men are smart like dump trucks...

Knowing that our beloved symbol of Canada was in risk by visiting our street, I decided to talk him down the road, back to the river. Yup, stood on my front steps and had a very one-sided conversation with a enormous rodent. Isn't my life exciting? One dude decided to cut down the road but as he approached (at full tilt, I might add), I flagged him down and pointed to the beaver just 3 feet ahead of him. He stared at me for a second then looked to see what I was pointing at. A giant grin filled his face and he slowed to pass our furry friend. All the time, K is howling 'don't look, don't look' at me, worried that I'd see him get nailed by the neon-lit Acura. And yes, 'it' was definitely a he. Who knew that beavers were so well-endowed? This guy wasn't staggering; he was lugging about 10 pounds of gonads down the street. K the younger, always the smart ass claims that they use them as flotation devices. I just knew that they had to serve some purpose. Truly, evolution at its finest!

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