Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Madness

It must be a good week because today is the day that brought us my SIL, Connie. Kids, please say 'hi' to Connie (pictured here with her grandbaby, Iso - who is arguing with her cousin, Matt about Candyland. Yes, wars have been started because of this common childhood game... and Iso is always right)Happy Birthday, Connie. We love you with all of our hearts

Here's her birthday present from the Bumbershoot Haus - what else? A tote!

Phew, the presentation to the U of O class went ...well, I suppose. M was there with Noah so I was in good company. I got my face licked (no one shares his love like Mr. Noah) so my nerves were quieted. I talked a little bit about the challenges of not-for-profit life and how to be respectful of assistance dogs. M was great and shared the challenges of effectively changing legislation in order to protect the rights of service animals and their human partners. The class itself was noisier than I remember any of my classes being (I pictured Prof. Longsworth tolerating the brouhaha like that... nope, he even shouted at a student sitting in front of me. His crime? He used a set of colored pens (about 15 in total, all different shades) and switched colors for every word. Apparently Early Russian historians are not amused by this type of display and the student was dispatched from our room in the drafty old Arts building to sit with his pens in the hall until such time that he would use only one color pen. No such luck with the class

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