Sunday, February 18, 2007

More sewing, more planning, more energy

In a flurry of fabrics, thread and the whirrrrrr of fly wheels, I made some small cases - perfect for CDs, pens, cosmetics - anything smallish that you need to carry around

The pattern is fairly straight-forward - I used the cardboard that a pair of pillowcases came wrapped around as a template, cut out 2 of each - fabric, lining, interfacing. A super simple idea but just perfect for a pencil case (big enough to hold my addiction, post-it notes), a CD holder or even a cosmetic bag. Some of them were made using fabric swatches that I procured when I worked in the furniture business. I kept thinking that they were intended to be something but what? Now, I know. Have I told you how good it feels to use up fabric that I've hung onto FOREVER? Freakin' ahhhh-mazing!

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