Monday, January 22, 2007

Toes Up!

Here's my prototype toes-up sock; like I said, green like Kermit. The tutorial from Knitty was so simple - I added my normal cuff-down sock numbers and came up with this low-cut version. It's more of a boot liner than a sock but it works well as a slipper

Once is never enough so I made a second pair, this time in Briggs & Little New Brunswick sock wool. It's a lovely shade of lavender that shows off its flecks of blue and cream once it's washed. Because it's so scratchy, it nearly demolished my hands. Luckily, my Little Library Friend, Savie helped me by knitting 8 stitches! pretty good for a 6 year old using 3.5 mm needles, huh?!? Once this wool is washed (hot water, old towels and tennis balls - just like you were felting), it softens up a lot. I will need to repeat the process once more to get a nice, thick bootie. Well worth the scratched hands and tired fingers
I've got another pair on the bamboos right now and will post them later this week. I am going to start adding pattern to this sock, maybe a leaf lace or soft cable, just to spice it up. I have to admit (once again) that I have never had such well-fitting socks. The lavender ones look baggy but I purposely made them larger so that I could quasi-felt them into a nice slipper or boot liner for my too-big LL Bean boots

Here are the baby socks and booties that I whipped up for J's baby, "Gaston". I hope I get to give these before his feet are too big to fit in them

And finally, here is my animal snuggle and catnip mice for donation to Hugs For Homeless Animals. Don't they look like they're up to no good?

I've been knitting so much lately; time to get started on my tote bag for the swap

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