Saturday, January 20, 2007

My ISP Eye Ess sucks

More than three days of craptacular ISP service
First, only sporadic email access for days on end then our good friend, Blogger refused me access to add posts...WTF!?!

In the meantime, I've been knitting up a storm...and finally knit my first toe-up socks using the tutorial on Knitty
I started off with simple boot liners in what else but lime green. I bought three giant skeins of the stuff and still have one left over so why not. Once I wrangled those little suckers off the needles, they slipped onto my size tens, where they are happily residing. They tell me that they resent being left at home; I'm forced to wear them everywhere. Bossy socks...

I had a lot of Briggs&Little homespun in a lavender, flecked with blue. I'm making them a bit larger than my snowshoes, I mean feet so that I can quasi-felt them. I don't know about you but B&L never felts for me but I figgered even a little feltish would work. Once I can download the photos, I'll post them and a quick pattern run-through. I was a bit sceptical at first but after wearing these socks, I am reluctant to go back to knitting from the cuff down.

I finished the body of the "Infamous White Doll", a pair of ribbed baby socks (yes, I caved a bought a small skein at Yarn Forward last Saturday. It wasn't my fault - K the elder dragged me in. He's such a yarn whore), a pair of lacy green booties with slate blue ribbons. The pattern is totally foo-cak-ta but I switched a few stitches here and there to make a smaller bootie. I never ever thought that I'd turn into a bootie knitter... Is that 'your grandma's knitting'? I keep reading "not your grandma's knitting" on magazines and books and always wonder, 'what was so bad about her knitting?'. It inspired me to knit so whatever the story for this rebellion-in-print, I am grateful for her knitting.

I also finished the H4HA snuggle-blanket for our January CraftBlitz-o-rama, and a hat and scarf for February's while I was at it. I think that I'll donate my red Amelia Earhart hat, too. The bags for my mitten donations are sitting on my dining room table, stuffed with mitteny-goodness. They sure are cute

I was also swimming in happiness with the completion (after serious modification) of my calorimetry in SWS. I think the colorway is called "natural earth". I had to wrestle this yarn a bit, with its thick and thins (as in non-existent) areas. I found that 88 stitches was more than enough and like reports on Craftster, I only did 10 short rows to keep it wearable.

To keep this de-stashing going, I'm working on a master list of yarn to knit up; that should make it easier to find suitable projects. Watch me as I virtually destroy this damn stash

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spirals said...

thanks for the props on the hat.. it is pretty kick ass...