Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Holiday Knitting

Before I forget, I thought it best if I added some more of my Xmas knitting
Here are some 'dorm boots' that I knit up for Valerie, with a little felt applique for good measure

and here they are in an action pose

I also whipped up a frog-topus bag with googly eyes and 'emerald' eye lids, for another dear friend

not quite a frog, not quite an octopus. Personally, I like his shifty eyes
The pink band in the background is Knitty's Shocking Pink Coif, knit in, well... shocking pink, again for DIL Val. I found a cool pin at one of the local antique stores and put it on the hat for her, which I suspect she liked more than the coif...
In an attempt to add a little to my contribution to the Craft Blitz for January, I made up a few catnip mice to send to the shelter along with the snuggles that I'm currently making up. Here you see the unstuffed mice - I did take some photos of the stuffed versions, lined up in a row but they looked like some ungodly army of the damned and I thought it best not to post them. The rainbow mouse did not survive Pablo's fun & games, mind you - he stole it off of my bed, ran around the house in pure joy... that is until Nashville Tee stole it and chewed it to bits... (my name is "Bad Dog", what's your's?)
I don't know how much more knitting I can endure - I was up most of last night in extreme pain, even with the tiger balm and drugs... just about ready to rip my right arm off
And finally, proof that I'm knitting far too much - yarn ends!!!! Lots and lots of yarn ends!!!!

Later, I'll post the FinePix Cozy that I whipped for Val on Xmas day- it's the first knitted object that she actually asked for (and kinda liked) - Yay!

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