Wednesday, December 13, 2006

can't... log

A while ago, a nice bunch of ladies invited me to join a new blog called Mittenfest - which is great.... except that I can't get Blogger to cooperate and let me log-in to post

I'll just have to post my mittens, etc here instead. I've been knitting like a mad-woman lately, immersing myself in the satisfying warmth of small, gratifying projects while I dream of the bigger projects that I want to accomplish...soon.
Here's just a bit of the holiday knitting that's going on in the Bumbershoot Haus

I finally moved my bead jars out to the office, in an attempt to claim it for my own... I have a mile or so to go before I can totally clean out my (old) bead cabinet but it felt good to move these guys out there

I had all but given up on my jewelry business and then I met a former client. K the elder and I went to Baker Bob's for a coffee along our walk and as we wandered around his lovely new store, a lady approached me and asked if I was "the lady who used to make jewelry at the farmer's market?". It started a nice conversation about some pieces that I had made for her, years ago and how much she loved them. What a nice pat on the back! I love beads, I love glass, I cherish the creative process that goes into putting elements together into something special and beautiful. I see it as an extension of the sacred, as part of everyday life connected to our souls. It was very affirming to know that a little thing that I made a long, long time ago had meant so much to this lady.

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