Sunday, November 19, 2006

wii wii wii

we've been up since 5h30; K & K have been on the Wii hunt since 7h00 when they arrived at the first of many many stores - all sold out. Just got another phone call from K the younger; with fingers crossed, they will be returning to the homestead with a repaired Domino gee-tar (from the most lovely Folklore Centre's repair bay) and a Wii, for K the younger's holiday bliss... oh my stars!

Almost finished the basic cables up the side of Shedir. The softness of this cheap, cheap yarn is amazing and the color is beautiful. Only 2 more rows, then I get to start narrowing down this incredible project. I have come to the realization that I plan and then execute projects in haste, almost like the experience of knitting was secondary to the finished product. That's the 49th sad statement that I've made on this foray into blog-land

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