Thursday, November 02, 2006

Everyone in my house is lazy

What's on my needles - Bernat Satin mitts in hot pink and orange (yeah, I know - too much color but hey, it's pretty grey around here in January)
What I've just finished - Diana's Tea Cozy - not my best work but knit with love
What's next - who knows argh

What I love about Halloween

10) Cleaning up decorations that have been soaked by that wet Canadian early morning snow (love those sticky web-thingys that cling to your hands even when you try to wipe them off..
9) Crazy teenagers who come to the door more than once (yeah, just switch your costumes around and we won't remember that you were just here 10 minutes ago)
8) Hiding my black cat so she doesn't get cat-napped and sacrificed (or whatever they do with cats around here)
7) Decorating the yard so that the three legitimate trick or treaters we get can trip and drop all of their candy (then turn off the lights so that they can't retrieve it whaaa haa haa haa)
6) Screams in the park behind my house (please, please, PLEASE, keep it up - I love having my OCD dog freak out and try to run through the front door to get to you)
5) Dressing up in a retro costume and realizing that what I've got on isn't a costume; I'm my mother circa 1974, minus the Pucci prints and spray-net 'au naturel' hair
4) Reminiscing about costumes past - KC's skunk hat, the boys going as the brothers from Face Off 3 years in a row (hey, it was easier than making a new costume and it's not like the neighbors remembered what they wore in years past)
3) Scary movies on TV!!! Spooktacular!!!!
2) Even better - faux-scary, campy movies on TV!!! (you know that movie with Kiss in the haunted amusement park, anybody?!? How's about some acting lessons, dudes?)
1) Left over Halloween candy (but therein lies the name of this post - I noticed that all of the yummy Hershey chocolate bars were gone from the candy bucket EXCEPT the Hershey Kisses. Apparently, we're all too lazy to unwrap individual candy. We want our gratification and we want it now!
Viva Les Egans

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